Blockchain Casino

Join our blockchain casino for fantastic rewards and competitions!

Are you tired of gambling in the traditional way? Does it get boring to bet on the same stuff every week? Do you chase that thrill and want to try something new?

At Block Bet our blockchain casino will give you access to a heap of new ways to have fun with betting and gambling

We’ve all heard how much NFT’s are rising in popularity, and just recently we’ve seen big stars such as Johnny Depp get involved in the action. With so many different prizes to win and fun to be had, it’s only fair that you get your share of the fun too.

At Block Bet we giveyou access to our blockchain casino where you can enter a whole new world

Players have the chance to win prizes and competitions by building their deck. Your deck size is dependant on the amount of new players you brought into the BlockWorld, so make sure to share the love and get as many people involved as you can.

Our players can also utilise their NFT membership to compete in competitions, prizes, and raffles such as UEFA Champions League Final. All you need to do to sign up is enter your name and email address and we’ll be in touch with the registration.

We offer two other ways to get involved:

Block BetPrivate Players Club- This fantastic online community is designed for serious gamers that want to play in an online gaming platform.

Block Play-Filled with E-Gaming, Streaming, NFTs and lots more, you can enjoy our play-to-earn games. Our NFT, BlockCard, means you can utilise perks for our games and casino, and gives you the chance to watch your favourite streamers.

You can also become an affiliate too!

If you want to join us in the most rewarding partnership programme that is aimed at casinos, then becoming an affiliate with us guarantees you success! You’ll have access to scale creator-driven content, be able to generate a passive income and grow revenue in gaming.

Join the most rewarding partnership programme with Block Bet and register your interest today.

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