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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of betting, and whilst you may like to do this in a traditional way with money, there is new way that offers more thrill and excitement.

With more people talking about and investing in Bitcoin, the demand for crypto casinos is on the rise- but why? Here we’ll explore a few reasons why more people are choosing to bet with cryptocurrency instead of money.

Simple and easy

Making it even easier to place your bets on your most loved sports, you can bet with Bitcoin with complete confidence. Instead of having to wait days or even weeks for your cash out, you can get your crypto much faster than other traditional payments.

The rewards are endless

Betting with crypto and NFT comes with much more flexibility and enjoyment, as many casinos will add bonuses to their odds unlike with traditional betting.

Have anonymity and better security

We all know that one reason to invest in crypto is because of its anonymity, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to betting. With crypto casinos, you can bet with privacy and security as you have complete control over your betting funds.

With Block Bet you can bet with Bitcoin and enjoy our NFT gambling games

Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or have some experience with NFT or Crypto, you can have lots of fun and reap many rewards with our club.Depending on what you’re looking for, we can offer you:

Block Bet Private Players Club- This online community is suited to serious gamers that want to play in an online gaming platform.

Block Play- Filled with E-Gaming, Streaming, NFTs and lots more, you can enjoy our play-to-earn games. Our NFT, BlockCard, allows you to utilise perks for games and casino, all the while giving you the chance to watch your favourite streamers.

Block World-Enter raffles and win prizes as you build your deck and use your NFT membership to compete in various competitions.

To subscribe to any of these, follow the steps on our website and we’ll be in touch!