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Welcome to our fantastic Esports betting website!

Are you someone who loves the thrill of a bet? Perhaps you like to work hard and play hard? Maybe you’d like to learn more about betting with Bitcoin and want to find a reputable esports betting website such as ourselves?

We all deserve to kick back and enjoy the thrill of a bet, but nothing will get your adrenaline pumping quite like our esports betting website.

Whatever level of experience you have when it comes to bettingonline, you won’t believe what our online gambling website has to offer!

At Block Bet we give you a place where you can learn everything there is to know about using a blockchain casino. Whether you’re brand new or have been recommended our website by a fellow betting enthusiast, you’re welcome to browse our website and find the perfect fit for you.

When you bet with us, you can utilise their NFT membership to compete in competitions, prizes, and raffles such as UEFA Champions LeagueFinal. Just sign up and enter your name and email address and we’ll be in touch with the registration.

If you’re looking for something else, we can offer you:

Block Play-Packed full of E-Gaming, Streaming, NFTs and lots more, you can enjoy our play-to-earn games. Our NFT, BlockCard, means you can utilise perks for our games and casino, and gives you the chance to watch your favourite streamers.

Block Bet PrivatePlayers Club- This great online community is designed for serious gamers that want to play in an online gaming platform.

With so many different prizes to win and fun to be had, it’s only fair that you get your share of the fun too. Whatever you’re looking for, see our website for full details on how to sign up.

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