What is a blockchain casino?

Casinos and gambling houses have been operating for centuries, dating back to 1638 when the first-ever gambling house was founded in Italy. Activity in the industry has surged in the last few decades since the introduction of the internet and the first online casino, InterCasino which launched in 1996. Online gambling now makes up over 52% of the activity in the industry, which includes online casinos, sports booking shops, poker sites and more. Traditional gambling houses and casinos have been placed in the grey area between legal and crooked for a long time, with controversy around their legitimacy and fairness to players due to operator manipulation and hackers on the web 1.0 & 2.0 internet. But now, with the rise of web 3.0 and blockchain, the risk of manipulation has been almost eliminated, assuring players can play risk-free, with trust, increased security and anonymity when using these new technologies as foundations to build these platforms on.

Blockchain is a technology that increases trust through its decentralized, immutable and distributed ledger system, providing security and anonymity. When used for online gambling and casino platforms, it allows full transparency of all players’ and casinos’ transactions and behaviours, preventing casino owners from manipulating records and payments. It also allows players to check whether the game has been manipulated or not. Despite blockchain being fully transparent, it can be extremely private, giving users the option to be public or anonymous whilst still upholding its principle of security and trust. Blockchain is surging in popularity within the gambling and betting space, due to thebenefits and solutions it provides against traditional online and physical casinos and gambling houses.

Benefits to players:

Privacy — Users can choose to be anonymous or public. There is no requirement to give personal data, nor any documents required for KYC or withdrawal purposes. Some sites even allow you to skip the sign-up process, protecting users’ private information.

Fewer restrictions — Although gambling is illegal in some countries, like China and the UAE, most blockchain sites will let you play regardless of the country you’re in.

Top games — Blockchain casinos provide access to all traditional types of games, in some cases better, so you won’t even notice the difference. Some of the same developers that created the traditional online games, also offer the same to blockchain and crypto sites.

Bigger rewards — Some sites not only provide the usual rewards that players receive with online gambling, but users of blockchain casinos can also get extra rewards for paying in crypto.

Fairness — Blockchain ensures no scope for gambling operators to cheat or interfere with outcomes and payments.

Why players are choosing BlockBet

These ground-breaking solutions are exactly why Blockbet is taking the industry by storm.

BlockBet is solving the problems that have riddled the gambling world for centuries, allowing users to win fairly, offering the choice of playing with complete autonomy, and eliminating the opportunity for operators to cheat. BlockBet’s major edge is its use of cryptocurrency on the platform in replacement of fiat currencies. This enables easier and faster payments and transactions for players, eliminates the possibility of fraud, and allows increased transparency and guaranteed fairness. Using decentralized currencies as well as BlockBet’s decentralized platform makes it the ultimate transparent and secure application, and the number one online casino and gambling platform in the UK.