Let’s take some time to dive into BlockBet, a blockchain powered casino and gaming platform,offering its users a private players’ club experience like no other.

Who are we?

BlockBet is made up of three platforms: BlockBet, BlockPlay and BlockWorld. This offering is any seasoned gamer’s dream come true as you can game, gamble and increase your knowledge and insight on the industry, all in one place.

How did we get here?

Gaming and gambling are the ultimate adrenaline-filled sports; connoisseurs will understand the rush that accompanies the risk involved. As the leading operator in this space, we decided to pair the sport with cutting edge technology to provide an unforgettable service. The design of our private players’ club takes you on a journey that is not ventured by the masses, but brings you exclusive opportunities to win unimaginable amounts of currency and access it in a secure way.

The value and size of the gaming industry

In 2021, the gaming market was valued at $198 billion with a projected value of $339 billion by 2027. Not only is gaming the largest market in Asia-Pacific, it’s also the fastest growing market in the Middle-East and Africa. It goes without saying that these profitable characteristics are what BlockBet was founded upon but when paired with Blockchain and NFTs as currency, these numbers suddenly have colossal value. BlockBet, BlockPlay and BlockWorld bring limitless value to the industry.

The evolution of gaming via blockchain and NFTs

With every global shift, we seem to dive further into the digital world for our day-to-day activities. This includes but is not limited to, our working environments, the time we take out for leisure and the way in which we manage our finances. Gaming is no exception to this, and the use ofBlockchain and NFTs has naturally seeped into the gaming industry, influencing how we game forever. Through this, BlockBet has been able to place a higher demand on gaming as we have created rare and priceless levels of access to high value digital assets for its players to use in both digital and physical form.

Benefits of blockchain powered gaming

Blockchain technology uses the safest encryption software, so all of our transactions are kept secure and confidential amongst our players. This software also includes in-game digital asset ownership with the potential of becoming scarce goods, constantly going up in value.

Our private players club offering is open to all but specifically for those on the hunt for some mean streaks in attaining rare assets, only found within elite gaming systems and technologies like BlockBet.

Our role in the evolution

There’s no doubt the products exist; virtual casinos, crypto-currency casinos, play 2 earn etc. so we can’t deny the evolution of this space, however, the service has not yet caught up with the product element.

Our private players club is not just for the bragging points you could have with your mates but it also acts as a networking space and society within itself where you can benefit from certain perks.

Private players club

Now let’s get into the essence of BlockBet.

All Blockbet members have NFT cards that hold perks for utilities, not just in the digital world but also in the outside world. Utilities include exclusive access to concerts, bars, restaurants, international hotels, tickets to sports games and more, whilst members are also able to acquire digital utilities such as extra spins on slots, extra chips on blackjack; the list is endless. Gamers suddenly become the rulers of their own worlds and the rulers in society. From sports buffs to video gamers and streamers, Blockbet welcomes its members into a multiverse that merges both digital and physical through holding its NFT cards.


Building the space together can be rewarding. All players are required to build their deck to receive more perks and at a higher value. Building your card deck is done by inviting new players into the BlockBet world, the BlockWorld. It’s secure, fast, multidimensional and it’s the new age of gaming. We know that the industry as whole will move towards our model so we’re giving you, your friends and your family a head start.

Coming Soon

We can’t let the cat out the bag right away so we won’t say much till all the cards are in place. In the meantime, stay tuned for more articles on this revolutionary, new platform as we get closer to launch day.