The world is going through a financial revolution as consumers and even regulators are hungry for a new, safer and more advanced way to transact, make and store money. This is something crypto currencies have managed to provide a solution to. Although there is still a way to go when it comes to complete regulation and acceptance by governing bodies, due to the current system dating back centuries, it is already being implemented by the public, businesses and organizations as a solution and improvisation to almost everything in one way or another.

With crypto being used as currency, what better than to use it for an industry that is built on money — Gambling and casinos. But before we get into the real benefits of using crypto in a blockchain casino, let’s just recap on crypto currencies themselves. Cryptocurrencies are a much easier, safer way to send and receive money digitally, as they’re built on the blockchain. They have near to no transaction fees and no limits or restrictions on time to transact. Anyone can have access to these services. The new decentralized currency has opened a new world to help bank the unbanked. Unbanked meaning people that may not be eligible to open a bank account, can now open a wallet with no documentation and other paperwork usually required, and people that simply just don’t trust the current banking system. To add to that last point; it is next to impossible for anyone to hack into a crypto wallet, so trust is rebuilt.

Crypto casinos are better than usual blockchain casinos because crypto is decentralized, meaning that there’s no way your transactions can be watched by governing authorities. If you were to use fiat on a blockchain casino, you can still track on your banking where your money is going to and from.

So, apart from blockchain casinos being a greatest alternative to the traditional way of gambling, there’s no point in going halfway there with a blockchain casino, and still using the old, centralized currencies. Let’s turn it up a notch and use blockchain to its full potential; the top tier for ultimate privacy and security; crypto casino. Most traditional casinos will charge a fee on every deposit or withdrawal using your debit or credit card; whereas using crypto on the site deviates this. Crypto currency deposits and withdrawals are completely erased from such external charges. In addition to charges on those traditional payment methods, it can take up to two weeks to deposit/withdraw your money. In contrast, crypto deposits are immediate and withdrawals can take up to 48 hours. With transactions only able to be made by you, due to its impossibility for criminals to hack into your wallet, it makes it just as secure if not more secure than digital banking.

We have seen a crypto casinos boom in the last few years, but its reliability and evidence lies in the companies that are actually using it. The oldest, most reliable casino site dating back to 1990’s even uses Ethereum as a form of payments.

BlockBet is not only offering this crypto alternative that is safer, fairer and more reliable, but is climbing up another level for its players. BlockBet is a hybrid casino which offers crypto and cash. For those that still prefer to play with cash, introducing this option to players further extends the variety of benefits and options Blockbet offers, and enables part of the traditional to be carried along into the new. So as we dive into the new world of a better and safer environment for our finances; experience the greater bonuses, fairness, and now diversity, that comes with using BlockBet.